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When a domain expires, several things can happen to it. It can be renewed by the registrant, purchased at auction, returned to the registry (the principal database for domain names), or squatted.

The party who was leasing the domain (the registrant) will normally have the opportunity to buy back the rights to use their expired domain name before any of those things happen.

However, renewing the domain name before it expires is significantly easier. The registrar is responsible for notifying customers when their domains are set to expire.

Some predatory registrars, on the other hand, will wait until the domain expires before purchasing it and attempting to resell it to the original registrant at a much higher price. This is a type of squatting known as domain squatting.

A WHOIS lookup can be used by registrants to check the expiry date of their domains. Who owns the domain, registrant contact information, when the domain was purchased, and when it expires are all included in WHOIS data.

WHOIS is not a centralized database; rather, the information is kept by ICANN-certified registrars and registries (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

What are expired domains?

Domains that have been registered by people, businesses, or organizations but aren’t renewed when the contract expires or are intentionally canceled are known as expired domain.

This specifies that they are valid for re-registration. There are a variety of reasons why someone would leave a domain; one explanation could be because a web project failed or a domain portfolio was liquidated.

Domains can also become available for free if the owner receives a trademark infringement warning. Re-registration may also have legal ramifications.

The worth of an expired domain

Key SEO variables that are mostly related to an existing backlink profile make expired sites particularly appealing. If you’re thinking about purchasing an expired domain, look at the incoming links to see how good it is

Relevant keywords present in the second-level domain, as well as a possible connection to products, companies, or services, are all valuable when determining the worth of an expired domain.

Why should you purchase expired domains?

Many individuals have heard of or read about the practice of buying expired domains, but few truly comprehend the benefits or how to go about doing so.

People buy expired domains for a variety of reasons. Although it has numerous advantages, you must conduct a thorough study before purchasing an expired domain, since there are numerous factors to consider.

An expired domain has not been renewed by its owner. The reason could be a number of factors.

Maybe they neglected to renew it, maybe their payment method or credit card didn’t go through, maybe they went out of business and forgot about tiny matters like domains, or maybe they just don’t care.

If a domain is not renewed within 30 days of its expiration date, it will be auctioned for seven days and the domain will be awarded to the highest bidder.

Advantages of Purchasing an Expired Domain

The benefit of buying an expired domain is that it will retain all of its prior ranking power and SEO worth, which can be put to good use in a variety of ways.

A domain that has been around for a decade and has a lot of backlinks, for example, would typically have a lot of link juice that can be used. You can use the expired domain in a variety of ways, including:

Create an Authority Website

If you are planning of starting a new website or blog, then you should buy an expired domain instead of a new one.

You’ll have to work harder to establish authority with a new domain. You’ll need to create new content and backlinks, and domain age authority will take time to establish.

You can make use of an existing value of SEO of an expired one to start ranking faster right immediately.

Backlinking Purposes | 301 Redirection

Rather than creating a whole website, you can create a modest small website that only links to your main website.

The idea is to use this backlink to transfer the Link Juice that the previous domain already has to your main site. To make the website look genuine, you’ll need to add some articles or blog posts to it.

Creating Private Blog Network (PBN)

The Private Blog Network or PBN approach is widely used for backlinking purposes. Expired domains are used to create multiple different mini-sites that all link to the same main website. Domain variety is vital for backlinks; thus, you should have more than one or two sites.

It might appear as if multiple unconnected sites are naturally linked to your main site provided the relationship between the mini-sites is correctly camouflaged, which includes making sure they don’t have similar IP addresses and aren’t located on the same server.

This is a more efficient method of gaining backlinks than writing guest pieces for blogs that may or may not accept your submissions.

Redirecting the Website

If you don’t want to build up a mini-site to transfer the link juice from an expired domain to your main website, simply redirect the old domain to your main website.

A 301 redirection can be used to do this. Let’s say, if the expired domain is, then you can redirect it to

The logic here is that if the expired domain has a high SEO value due to the backlinks it has accumulated over time, all of that ranking value will be moved to your primary website.

Keep in mind that the domain name for the above objectives must be in the same industry as your main site.

Sell expired Domains for Profit

People buy expired domains for multiple reasons. One of the most common reason is to sell them for profit. This can be called domain flipping and is considered a source of income for various people.

You can start by bidding on an expiring domain during its auction. Then you’ll keep improving its SEO value. This can be accomplished by maintaining a steady stream of backlinks to it.

It will also appreciate in value with the passing of time. You can resell the domain at a premium price later.

Another alternative is to create a whole blog or eCommerce site on the expired domain, then sell it for a much higher price than you paid for it. This will necessitate a significant amount of additional effort.

From where should we buy expired domains?

1Go Daddy Auctions

One of the most favorite websites for acquiring expired domains is GoDaddy auctions. You will be able to avail of it at better prices along with good quality via GoDaddy auctions due to its big client base.

You can also make use of a few keywords to look for domain names that interest you in the GoDaddy auctions section.

For example, if you type the keyword “fitness,” it will return a list of all the domain names that match the term “Fitness,” allowing you to quickly create a record of all the domain names which match your keyword selection.

You can buy GoDaddy expired domains from here.

2. DomCop

DomCop is one of the top nine websites to buy expired domain names. It won’t take long; with DomCop, you’ll be able to find outstanding domains in minutes.

They presently have over 20 million expired names in their database, with over 31 domain extensions such as .mobi, .net,, among others.

It also features advanced search functions like Majestic metrics, Moz rank, Estibot, and others to help you identify and find expired domains.

3. NameJet

NameJet is the most used website for availing expired domain names.

They use sophisticated domain software to present all available domains for domain professionals, individuals to purchase, and small businesses including those that have recently expired.

4. Snap Names

SnapNames is considered an industry leader which permits you to buy expiring domain names. They also provide an area where you can get expert-hand-picked domain names where you may find high-quality and relevant domain names.

SnapNames generally has backorder domains items available. That is, domain names that are not projected to become accessible for at least 36 days are included.

SnapNames will keep a check on these domain names and try to save them for you if and when they will become available.

5. Expired Domains

Every day, produces a huge number of expired domain names. Thousands of domain names expire every day, and is the place to go to find out everything you need to know about the domains you might want to acquire.

You can also mark deleted domains to register on, which provides all important details such as backlinks count, PageRank, and domain age.

6. NameCheap Domains

Most people know NameCheap as one of the most used domain registrars, but they also provide expired domain names at reasonable costs.

All domains, varying from advertising to business, from education and leisure, are available. You can also select expired names based on their price range, which varies from under $25 to over $200.

Things Needed to consider before buying expired domains

1. Check if the expired domain contained spam ​

This is the first thing you should look for when purchasing expired names for SEO or branding purposes. If the prior webmaster utilized the expired domain for spam reasons, there’s a good chance you’ll be affected as well.

There’s a good chance that the Wayback Machine has saved snapshots of pages that were formerly on the domain. You can tell whether the content was spam or not by looking at it.

You can determine whether or not to buy the domain name by looking at how the website looked years ago.

2. Check if there are spammy links

Checking the past backlink profile is another indicator of whether or not the expired domain was used for spamming. You’ll have two alternatives when you arrive there: the new index and the historic index.

Enter the URL of your expired domain, then pick Historic Index from the drop-down menu. All of the former backlinks referring to the domain will be returned to you. ​You can tell if the backlinks are spam or not just by looking at them.

If you’re buying a domain for SEO purposes, make sure it has a domain authority (DA) of at least 15 and is typically related to the niche you’re targeting.

It’s critical to look deep into the backlink profile and determine whether the SEO benefit you’ll receive is worth the price you’ll spend.

3. Check brand-ability

Are you primarily interested in purchasing an expired domain because of its brand-ability?

For example, when you get Blogging, it was an expired domain, and I bought it exclusively to establish a brand around it. When I bought it, I didn’t think about SEO.

If you want to build a long-term authority site on the expired domain names you got, brand-ability is crucial. If you’re using PBNs and 301 redirects, on the other hand, brand-ability isn’t an issue. You’re good to go as long as the authority is present.

4. Check if the domain is not banned by Google AdSense

AdSense is removed from domain names that do not conform with Google’s rules and conditions. It’s possible that you’ll choose an expired domain that has been blocked by Google from displaying AdSense adverts.

AdSense Sandbox is a tool that may be used to test your ads. When you type in the URL, it displays the site’s advertisements. Simply type in the URL of the expired domain you want to purchase. AdSense will block the URL if the adverts do not appear for it.

5. Check Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Using Majestic analytics to assess the quality of existing backlinks to a domain is a smart place to start.

The trust flow metrics are a terrific approach to evaluate your manual study and findings, even though carefully analyzing the quality of the backlinks is critical.

You can see the results at Majestic SEO. The trust flow should account for at least 25% of the domain’s citation flow (1:4). If the trust flow is too low, spam backlinks are more likely.

If you can’t decide between several expired domains, go with the one that has a relatively large trust flow compared to its citation flow. If the trust flow is good, it suggests that the domain’s backlink profile is primarily made up of high-quality links.


Before buying an expired domain, do consider the above-mentioned points so that you can make the right decision. Before buying an expired domain, do a little research about it.

We hope that you liked this article of ours. If you have any suggestions or questions, do let us know.


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