Laptop buying guide: how to choose the right laptop

Laptop buying guide: how to choose the best laptop

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Usually, whenever any of us thinks of taking a laptop, we get confused that what should we look for while taking a laptop (Laptop buying guide: how to choose the best laptop).

Today, while removing this problem of yours, we are going to tell you that if you are going to get a new laptop, then what should you pay special attention to while taking a laptop.

How to choose a laptop

If you have a good amount, then you can get a good laptop in which you can run all kinds of games and software without any interruption.

But if your budget is limited and you want to get a good laptop in your limited budget, then you need to pay attention to some special things when buying a laptop.

Let us tell you here, the performance of any laptop mainly depends on 6 things, which are –

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Graphics
  • Battery
  • Operating System

ie you can say that

Laptop Performance = Processor + RAM + Storage + Graphics + Battery + Operating System

Therefore, you need to keep these things in mind while selecting any laptop for yourself.

How to choose the best laptop

Here we will talk in detail about what things should be given special attention when buying a laptop:–


Nowadays you will find two types of processors in the market – AMD and Intel.

If your budget to buy a laptop is less than $250 then you will have to go with an AMD processor. By the way, AMD processors are also good processors. Today it is being used by millions of people.

Now even the risen versions of AMD processors are coming, which work very well. Here we would like to tell you, that in laptops less than $300, you will get to see AMD processors only.

Intel is considered to be the best and most responsive processor in today’s time. And perhaps this is the reason why Intel processors are being used by 90% of the people in today’s time.

If you do not want to take an AMD processor, if you increase your budget a bit, then you will easily buy a laptop with an Intel processor.

Intel also comes with different varieties of processors. Like – i3, i5, i7, i9 all these are different versions of Intel processors, the better the version, the more expensive and the better the laptop is.

Intel i3 processors

If you want to get a laptop for office work or general work at home then i3 is best for you.

Intel i5 & i7 processors

If you want to run high power software or game then you should take i5,i7. Due to the high processor, you can do all kinds of work on these laptops.

You can run heavy software smoothly on these laptops without any interruption. The price of these high processor vale laptops ranges from 35000-60000.

The matter of processors does not end here because now all laptops come with generation. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th here too, the more generation there is, the more your laptop works well.

If you want to understand the technical meaning of generation, then let us tell you that there is talk of transition in the generation, which were earlier 32nm and 22nm, now they come to 10nm which are very battery efficient. Therefore, the more generation laptop you take, the more power you will get.

Here let us make one thing clear to you, it does not mean that the AMD processor is not good, it is just a matter of budget.

If you want to get a good laptop for less money, then AMD is right for you because you may not get an Intel processor laptop on a low budget. budget.


The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. Whenever we open any software, file, etc. while using the laptop, most of its data is stored in RAM. The higher the RAM of a laptop, the more apps you can use simultaneously.

Let us tell you here, that the better the processor and more RAM in a laptop, the better its performance will be.

Laptops with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB RAM are available in the market nowadays. If you are going to take an i3 processor then you must take 4GB of RAM and if you want to take an i5 processor then 8GB of RAM will be fine for you.

Just as there is the generation in the processor, in the same way, there are DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 in RAM, all these are different generations of RAM, and right now the best is DDR4 and DDR5 which work very fast.

Internal storage (capacity, SSD, HSSD, HDD)

Now let’s talk about internal storage which we also call Hard Disk Drive (Hard Disk Capacity). Your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc. and other software (MS Office, etc.) is installed on the hard disk itself.

On the hard disk itself, you store files like photos, videos, and movies. The more storage you have in your laptop (Hard Disk) The higher the capacity, the more files you will be able to store in it, and the better the performance of your laptop.

There are three types of storage

  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
  • SSHD (Solid-State Hybrid Drive)
  • SSD (Solid-State Drive)

But there are two main ones from the point of view of performance-

  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
  • SSD (Solid-State Drive)

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is a bit slow, meaning it takes a little more time to read and write. But in this, you get a little more capacity.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is the fastest because all the data in it is saved in the transition, so it also gives the best performance. But it is a bit more expensive than the others.

Graphics Card

A Graphics card is a kind of chip that is used in a laptop. It comes in RAM. Like – 2GB, 4GB. You must get a graphics card with at least 2GB.

A Graphics card is very important for those people who do a lot of video editing or graphics processing or if you play very high volume games, then you must pay attention to the graphics card.

It is very important to have a graphics card for the use of all these high-end software. Without the graphics card, all the load comes on the processor, which increases the chances of the laptop hanging.

There are 2 types of Graphics Cards in the market these days –

  • Integrated Graphics Card
  • Dedicated Graphics Card

Integrated Graphics Card

Most Intel processors have an integrated graphics chip. With the help of these, you can easily use Basic Photo Editing and Light Software on Laptops.

Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated Graphics Cards are quite powerful as compared to Integrated Graphics Cards. With the help of these, you can easily run Heavy Games and Heavy software on Laptops.

Let us tell you, graphics cards of AMD and NVIDIA are very popular in the market nowadays.

Operating System

The first choice of people in the operating system is windows. Almost everyone likes to run windows. Because the Windows operating system is easy to run and understand. But the price of laptops with Windows operating is slightly higher than others.

You must have seen that where you get a cheap laptop with the same laptop Linux operating then the same laptop with windows operating system gets 4-5 thousand more expensive.

So if your budget is less then you can take a laptop without windows and install windows yourself.


Taking a laptop is the priority of people because they can carry it anywhere and work anywhere. Therefore, while taking a laptop, you should always check that the battery of the laptop you are going to take is going to give backup for how many hours?

Battery capacity in a laptop is generally measured in Watt-Hour (WHr). The higher the watt-hour capacity of the battery, the higher it is. Generally, every laptop comes with 5-6 hours of battery backup which is perfect for almost all the work.

Display & display size (laptop sizes)

LED HD display is very good for a laptop. By the way, nowadays the screens in all laptops are in HD. Just you have to pay special attention that you must take at least a 15.6-inch display because the 15.6-inch big screen in the laptop makes your work easy and almost everyone likes this screen size.

How to buy the best laptop

Keeping in mind anyone term mentioned above, it would not be right to say better about any laptop. According to the price and performance, different laptops are available in the market.

If you are fond of playing games or you want to use photo and video editing software, then your laptop should have at least 8 GB DDR4 RAM and its storage should be more than 1 TB, its processor also i3 or i5 or else must be above that. Because the better the configuration, the better the laptop will be.

Laptop buying guide for students

If you are a student, then you need a laptop that has a quick processing speed and has enough storage space to store notes. Along with this, it is also important for the students that their laptops are light in weight so that they can easily carry them anywhere.

In addition, there should be a long battery backup as well. Laptops are required to have 6-8 hours of battery life so that students don’t have to run to the charging point every few hours. Every student must check these things before buying a laptop.

Best laptop specifications

The main aim of the best laptop specifications is to provide the best features at a low price. Mostly, people looking for a budget laptop don’t have any specific requirements for a laptop other than good battery life and sufficient memory size for the basic work they do.

Generally, these laptops do well with 500GB hard drive capacity and up to 6 hours of battery backup. The screen size of 11-16 inches is easily available in the price range of budget laptops.


If you are also going to buy a laptop, then definitely keep the above-mentioned terms in mind.

We hope that our today’s article “Laptop buying guide: How to choose the best laptop” would have been helpful for you.

If yes, then definitely share it on your social networking sites and if you still have any doubts in your mind then you can ask us in the comment box. We will try our best to find the solution to your doubts.

Laptop buying guide: Video

Laptop Buying Guide – How to choose the right laptop

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Laptop buying guide: how to choose the best laptop