OceanWP Theme Review: OceanWP Offers Premium Features For Free

OceanWP Theme Review: OceanWP Offers Premium Features for Free

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A free theme that offers more than what you ever expect. OceanWP is the most popular and highly rated WordPress theme known for offering outstanding features.

Well, what’s new on that, you might ask? Every theme offers amazing features if you buy their premium!

But OceanWP is Different; They Offer Premium Features For FREE

OceanWP has about 5,824,471 downloads with 5-star ratings from more than 5k OceanWP fans.

“Awesome, excellent, amazing, best free theme… These are some of the terms their users describe OceanWP in over 5000+ reviews.”

From a simple blog to a high-converting portfolio or an e-commerce site OceanWP has something for everyone.

The number of active installations and five-star reviews testifies to the popularity of this WordPress theme.

Let’s discover what separates OceanWP and makes it the most loved WordPress theme.

Why is OceanWP The Best Free WordPress Theme?

There are tons of amazing features OceanWP offers for free. Some of the great free features are:

Ready to Import Demos

One of the most pressing issues people face and worry about is the design of their website. They want a design that is appealing yet light and simple.

This is the most important for any website because first impressions of the site should not be compromised. The user engages more on sites that are visually appealing and not cluttered.

OceanWP has a vast collection of over 220 pre-designed demos, which you can import and easily create a professional-looking website.

With ready-to-use demo sites, there is no need to worry about designers or developers.

The templates provided by OceanWP are also customizable. Users can change the layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements to match their preferences.

Importing demo sites are the easiest; you just Need Ocean Extras and Ocean Demo Import plugin, and there you will have beautiful sites imported within seconds.

Compatible With Page Builders

OceanWP is compatible with any major page builder out there in the market. A page builder is a plugin that helps users customize the site without using HTML and CSS.

With page builder, you can tweak your site design with just drag and drop feature. It eliminates the use of complex CSS code and lets you customize your site without effort. This plugin facilitates people who are not developers and don’t want to get into complexity.

OceanWP can support any page builder, be it Elementor, Brizy, or Gutenberg. Install one of the plugins on WordPress and give your site the desired features.

Full Customization

OceanWP offers limitless customization options. Unlike other free WordPress themes, it gives users the freedom to unleash their creativity.

This is rather rare in most of the free WordPress themes available on the market. With OceanWP, you can customize anything, be it a Header section or a footer section.

OceanWP has a separate theme panel that allows you to change and set any parts of the site. With these features, you can manage and alter your breadcrumbs, menu item, and many more.

Fast & Mobile Friendly

One of the most important elements today for a site in terms of SEO is its loading time.

Search engine ranks those site which has the fastest loading speed. A site that looks amazing but has mediocre speed is obsolete today.

Additionally, fast page load times are important because they can reduce bounce rates and increase engagement on the website.

When a website takes too long to load, visitors are more likely to leave and go to a different website.

OceanWP is a lightweight theme with a simple yet appealing design that makes it super-fast compared to other themes.

Many themes often come with features that are not even used by the user making the code as messy as possible. This will directly affect your site speed and ultimately hurt your website ranking.

OceanWP lets the user enjoy the flexibility of disabling any script and style that doesn’t serve any purpose to them. This will make sure the visitor experiences a fast and easy-to-navigate site.

And most importantly, the theme is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Advanced Typography Options

Advanced typography options refer to the ability to customize and control the font, size, and style of text on a website.

With OceanWP’s advanced typography options, users can choose from various fonts and styles to create a unique and visually appealing design for their site.

This feature lets users create a personalized look and feel for their website and can be especially useful for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong brand identity.

OceanWP offers font size, color, line height, letter spacing, text transform, font-weight, and many more.

With the help of these options, you can create typography that is easy to read, accessible, and responsive on different screen sizes and devices.

Woo Commerce

Another great feature of the OceanWP theme is it can integrate any WooCommerce plugin.

The e-commerce compatibility feature lets users easily create an online store using the OceanWP theme. It lets your imagination come to life with its flexibility.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress, and it allows users to create an online store and sell products or services easily.

With OceanWP, users can easily install and activate the WooCommerce plugin and use it to create an online store with the same look and feel as their website.

OceanWP provides several eCommerce-specific features, such as product pages, checkout pages, and cart functionality, which are fully compatible with WooCommerce, making it easy for users to create a seamless online store experience for their customers.

Many Free and Premium Extensions

OceanWP theme has a collection of free and premium extensions that can be installed to add new features to your site.

While OceanWP calls itself a free WordPress theme, which is true, it also offers a range of premium extensions for additional features on your site.

With these extensions, you can add new features without disturbing your website’s core. This is a clever feature as OceanWP wants to maintain its reputation as a lightweight and super-fast theme.

These additional extensions will ensure that your site does not cause bloat by adding new features. You can add new features keeping the site’s speed intact and unaffected.

How to Install OceanWP in Your WordPress?

There are two ways you can download and install OceanWP. You can download it from the WordPress catalog or directly from your WordPress dashboard.

To install OceanWP directly from your WordPress dashboard, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Appearance and Themes in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Search OceanWP in the search bar and click install.
  • After installation, simply click activate
How to Install OceanWP in Your WordPress

There you have your new site with some really easy steps. Now, you can modify your site as per your preference. You can install their recommended plugin if you think it can be useful.

Plans and Pricing

OceanWP, one of the most powerful free WordPress themes, also comes with three paid plans that can make your theme double the powerful it is.

As mentioned above, the theme is free to use, but users can also opt for premium extensions with a nominal fee.

OceanWP gives three plans option; personal, business, and agency.

  • Personal Plan: This plan costs about $43 yearly and can be used for 3 sites. The plan offers 14 premium and 7 free extensions and 200+ pro demos. It also gives 12 months of premium updates for its users.
  • Business Plan: This plan costs $71 yearly and can be used in 6 sites. This plan includes everything, along with 100+ items in the Elementor library and access to the exclusive webinar.
  • Agency Plan costs around $127 yearly and is available to use in over 50 sites. It includes every feature, free and pro extension, and demo OceanWP offers.

OceanWP Support Options

OceanWP provides excellent support options for its users. Free theme users can solve their issues from WordPress.Org forums.

Besides that, OceanWP provides three support options; basic, Premium, and VIP support, which is for paid users.

The 3 plans mentioned above will have basic, premium, and VIP support for personal, business, and agency plans.

Pros Of Using OceanWP

Easy to Use:

OceanWP is easy to use and beginner-friendly. The theme is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking website.

This is possible because of the theme’s various customization options that are easy to understand and use.

For example, OceanWP provides users with a wide range of pre-designed demos that can be easily imported and customized to the needs and desires of the user.

Pre-designed Demos

OceanWP provides users with pre-designed demos that can create different websites, such as blogs, portfolios, ecom stores, etc.

These templates are responsive. Pre-designed demos will save users’ time and effort in creating a website while simultaneously allowing them to customize it to meet their specific needs.

Fast Page Speed:

Another advantage of using OceanWP is that it is optimized for fast page load times, which can improve the user experience.

With OceanWP, the theme is designed and optimized for fast page load times, helping to keep visitors on the website and improving their overall experience.

The fast page load times of OceanWP help to improve the user experience.

Built-in eCommerce Compatibility

E-commerce compatibility will let you easily create a catalog page and put features like a quick view that lets the visitor have a flash view when they put the cursor on their desired product.

It also comes with a pop-up cart feature that will make a big difference in your sales. They have an amazing checkout process, making the buying process smooth and easy.

Cons Of Using OceanWP Theme

Well, OceanWP doesn’t really have any reason to avoid it. The free version is very powerful and worth using compared to other free themes.

It provides simple and appealing designs; however, if you want the design to be feature-loaded, you can opt for other options.


OceanWP is a popular and highly rated free WordPress theme that offers a wide range of premium features.

With over 5 million downloads and 5-star ratings from over 5,000 users, OceanWP is considered one of the best free WordPress themes available.

The key features, like ready-to-import demos, compatibility with major page builders, full customization options, fast and mobile-friendly performance, and advanced typography options it offers, really set it apart from others.

Overall, OceanWP is a versatile and user-friendly theme that can be used for a variety of different types of websites, from simple blogs to high-converting portfolios and e-commerce sites.

You can, without any doubt, use it if you are just started out.

OceanWP Theme Quick Introduction

OceanWP Theme Quick Introduction

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