All About The Events Calendar 6.0

All about The Events Calendar 6.0

Recently updated on February 1st, 2023 at 08:51 am

Finally launched, the Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0 include some interesting new features.

To give clients a better experience, the team has been hard at work updating the system that manages recurring events and other elements in plugins.

The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro both receive significant upgrades with this release, including increased performance, better event data storage, and a completely new mechanism for managing events.

The addition of a new post-type called “Series,” which enables simple management of recurring events, is one of the most noticeable new features.

For clients, this update will change the game and make event management more effective and user-friendly.

Overall, the team is proud of the release of The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0 and we can’t wait for clients to see the new enhancements.

A number of new features and improvements are included in the most recent versions of The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0, including:

  • 1. Removal of template files and code and the deprecation of legacy views
  • 2. Development of a new system for storing event data that uses customized tables
  • 3. A brand-new “Series” post type to group and display events
  • 4. A brand-new tool for conveniently cloning duplicate events
  • 5. To decrease and stabilize the number of queries on event views, custom tables, and cache primer optimization was used.
  • 6. A brand-new unique table with the name $prefix tec series relationships.
  • 7. Fixes for infinite loops in various recurrence rule and date combinations
  • 8. Options for saving new recurring events for this event, this event and subsequent events, or all events
  • 9. The events list table now only displays recurring events once.
  • 10. The Series page has taken the place of the recurrence /all page.
  • 11. “Condense events in Series” has been added as a setting in place of “Recurring event instances.”
  • 12. The Front-end “Condense Events Series” toggle has taken the role of the Front-end recurring event instances toggle.

The overall goal of these upgrades and improvements is to boost the efficiency and usability of the event management process.

Improvements to Performance and Event Data Storage: Behind-the-Scenes Upgrade:

To improve the behind-the-scenes experience for users, significant modifications have been made to the Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0.

The team has updated the plugin’s event data storage structure and improved both the free and premium versions’ performance.

As a result, administrators, event planners, and participants will all have a better overall experience.

With the new updates, all users will enjoy a smooth experience since the load times for the WordPress Dashboard and the calendar views on the front end will be much faster.

All users of The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro will benefit from this update, representing a significant advancement.

A new and improved system called “Elevated Recurring Event Management”

Recurring events are created and managed significantly better with the Events Calendar Pro 6.0.

This release focuses on simplifying the creation and management of recurring events, a key feature of the plugin.

The new version gives you greater control over the changes you wish to make by allowing you to edit a recurring event and save the changes for just that particular event, all examples of the recurring event, or simply upcoming examples of the event.

Furthermore, it is now simpler to scan and change recurring events because they are only listed once in the WordPress Dashboard.

However, you may still use the Events Manager to view each event displayed separately if you like.

Overall, this release makes managing recurring events a lot more manageable and user-friendly.

“Introducing the “Series” Feature: Grouping and Organizing Events Made Simple”

A powerful new tool for grouping, organizing, and managing events is called “Series,” which is included in the Events Calendar Pro 6.0 update.

A brand-new post type called a series allows for total customization and can include any one-time or recurring events.

The ability to change individual instances of recurring events and have them take place in other locations while keeping their connection to the associated Series offers greater flexibility.

In addition, even events that aren’t recurring events can be added in any combination to a Series.

Additionally, each Series has a landing page where users may view all related events in one destination.

From the admin’s point of view, several featured photos can be utilized for each event in the series, enabling users to view a lovely visual landing page of connected events.

Overall, Series is a strong new feature that improves the effectiveness and usability of event management.

Events like blood drives that happen at various locations can be added to a series and shown in an ordered manner.

You may quickly switch between the several calendar views offered by The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro to choose the one that best displays the events in a series.

Users may quickly locate the closest location by using the Map view, which allows you to build a visual display of where each event in a series will occur.

The event management process is simplified and made more effective by this feature.

“The New Duplicate Event Tool: Efficient Event Cloning”

The Duplicate Event tool, which makes it simple to duplicate events, has been added to the Events Calendar Pro 6.0 in response to several user requests.

This new functionality removes the effort associated with making duplicates of events, which many users have requested.

You may now quickly duplicate an event by using the Duplicate button on the Edit Event single event page or the Events list in the WordPress Dashboard.

By doing this, you can edit the event as needed without having to start from scratch and publish it as is.

Event organizers and administrators will undoubtedly benefit from this new tool, which will increase the effectiveness of event management.

Update your The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro plugins right now to unlock new features:

You may enjoy the new features in the newly released Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0 by updating your plugin.

When you do, a migration process to upgrade all of your events to the new system will be prompted.

It’s crucial to remember that in order to use all the new features, you must finish this process.

Before making the updates public, it is always advised to test everything out on a staging site.

Video: What’s New in Events Calendar 6 0

What’s New in Events Calendar 6 0

Final Words!

Now is the ideal moment to upgrade to Events Calendar Pro if you haven’t already, so you can benefit from the additional features.

You can read the Release Notes for The Events Calendar to learn more about the changes in version 6.0, and Events Calendar Pro.

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