LearnDash Cloud LMS Explained

LearnDash Cloud LMS Explained

LearnDash is, as we all know, one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. There is fantastic news for all of you LearnDash fans out there.

LearnDash has created a new cloud-hosting service to give you the most optimal LMS experience possible.

Now that LearnDash has a new hosting solution, you can increase your online course sales game.

LearnDash provides the best LMS features for developing your own online learning platform.

LearnDash may offer either a single-course, single-instructor website or an online course marketplace. The LearnDash team designed the plugin with the assistance of industry experts.

LearnDash is an incredible LMS powerhouse, but adding cloud hosting makes it much better.

In today’s post, we will discuss LearnDash cloud, a brand-new hosting service. So let’s get going!

What is LearnDash Cloud?

LearnDash is a cloud-based learning management platform that assists educational institutions and businesses of all sizes in the process of designing, tracking, and selling online coursework.

LearnDash’s most prominent features include a custom course builder, quizzes, drip-feed content, a lesson timer, flexible prerequisites, knowledge forums, grade books, course points, certifications, and badges.

LearnDash also allows users to earn digital badges and certifications for completing courses.

In addition to this, it provides a plethora of administrative capabilities, such as the ability to create multiple user profiles, email notifications, group management, thorough reporting, assignment management, and access permissions.

LearnDash can be used on mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

It is compatible with e-commerce platforms like as WooCommerce, EDD, Stripe, SamCart, Course Grid, Zapier, BuddyPress, bbPress, Gravity Forms, Badge OS, GamiPress, Event Espresso, 2Checkout, and MailChimp.

LearnDash Cloud Features:-

A Better Learning Environment

Premium services include testing, interactive video courses, and drip-feed content delivered over time.

Powered by WordPress

The most powerful and widely used content management system in the world, adapted to your specific needs while providing speedy, secure hosting and ongoing software updates.

Equipment for Teachers

The ability to quickly create courses, monitor the progress of students and generate reports automatically.

Premium Add-ons & Templates

By leveraging templates and the various customization possibilities, you may create courses that accurately represent your company.

Streamlined Marketing

Utilizing the built-in marketing tools, you will be able to monetize your skills.

Flexible Design

You can personalize your course’s fonts, colors, and logos by using the drag-and-drop course builder.

LeanDash Licencing

 LearnDash allows installation on an unlimited number of domains (websites), however, only one instance per license is eligible for upgrades and support.

Your license will be consumed if you install LearnDash on more than one WordPress site, including subdomains.

This applies to websites such as “yoursite.com,” “courses.yoursite.com,” and “yourothersite.com.”

LearnDash Support

If you have attempted the troubleshooting steps and are still having issues, the LearnDash Support Team is here to assist you.

Our ticketing system is how we provide support to legitimate licensees.

Fill out this short form for assistance. You can do one of two things:

  • Help yourself with this support website’s self-help: It is not necessary to submit a ticket or wait for a response in order to get your questions answered.
  • Contacting the Help Desk: It will speed up the process of resolving your ticket if you provide as much information as you can, such as the steps required to reproduce the problem, your LearnDash System Status Report (which can be downloaded from the LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > SUPPORT menu option), a temporary login, and FTP information.

LearnDash Cloud Pricing

What are LearnDash’s Supported Best WordPress Themes?

LearnDash will attempt to take on the look of the currently active WordPress theme. A few potential topics to think about if you haven’t decided on one yet are:

Free WordPress Themes for LearnDash:

Premium WordPress Themes for LearnDash:

  • BuddyBoss for LearnDash
  • Elumine
  • Academy Pro
  • University Course and Event Theme
  • Unidash Online Education Theme
  • LMS Responsive Theme
  • Edumodo Education Theme
  • Invent – Education Course Theme
  • Lincoln – Education Material Theme
  • wOffice – Intranet/Extranet Theme
  • Thrive – Intranet & Community Theme
  • Education Center – Training Courses Theme

Does LearnDash Offer a Free Trial?

There is currently no free trial available for LearnDash. However, there is a loophole that allows users to evaluate the platform’s suitability within 15 days.

Choose any LearnDash plan and evaluate it for up to 15 days with a money-back guarantee.

Within 15 days of your purchase, you may request a refund if you are not totally satisfied.

Consequently, you must still pay for it in advance, but there is a guarantee that you will receive a refund if you change your mind.

Who Should Use LearnDash

LearnDash is an extremely well-liked WordPress plugin that adds a learning management system (LMS) to your site.

The likes of Yoast and ProBlogger, as well as larger organizations like Johns Hopkins University and Collibra, employ it.

What is the Difference Between LearnDash Cloud and The LearnDash Plugin?

LearnDash Cloud, offered as a monthly subscription, will set up an entire site for you without needing external hosting.

In addition, it provides all of the same robust learning management system (LMS) and course-building functionality as LearnDash.

A yearly license for the LearnDash Plugin is purchased, and then the plugin is manually installed into an existing WordPress installation.

If you do not renew your license, there is a chance that LearnDash will still function, but we are unable to guarantee that it will be compatible with subsequent versions of WordPress.

LearnDash Cloud’s monthly membership pricing already includes access to ProPanel as a standard feature.

In the case that you decide to terminate your subscription to LearnDash Cloud, you will no longer have access to the website that you have created.

LearnDash Cloud or The LearnDash Plugin, Which is Better?

When we talk about features, it is necessary to understand that the LearnDash plugin possesses the same capabilities as the LearnDash cloud.

Before making a choice between the two, you need to examine not just your objectives but also the level of technical competence you possess.

If you are able to set up your own WordPress site, purchase a domain, and handle routine site maintenance on your own, then the core plugin that comes with LearnDash should suffice for your needs.

If you are a developer or have adequate experience carrying out any of these activities, we strongly suggest that you make use of the LearnDash plugin.

On the other hand, if you do not have the skills necessary to design a WordPress website, purchase a domain, and perform maintenance activities, or if you do not have the time necessary to do these tasks, the LearnDash cloud would be the ideal solution for you.

Build a WordPress website, take care of your domain and hosting, make changes to your website, and do much more with the help of LearnDash cloud.

LearnDash will handle all of these technical facets of your learning management system website for you.

This will free up more of your time, which will enable you to focus on other significant chores, such as the creation of courses, the addition of quizzes, the creation of certifications for each course, the management of your LMS site, and other similar activities.

Because of this, you will have an easier time developing courses and marketing them to potential students.

Video Tutorial: How To Set Up LearnDash Cloud

How To Set Up LearnDash Cloud


LearnDash was the first LMS plugin for WordPress and has been around the longest. It’s a top-tier LMS because of how dependable and sturdy it is.

The LearnDash cloud is a fantastic development for the LMS market, and everyone here is excited about the industry’s future.

In fact, the new LearnDash hosting will completely revolutionize things for some of your clientele.

LearnDash cloud will not add any new functionality to the existing plugin, but it will provide all the benefits of managed hosting. I’m curious as to your thoughts on the modernized LearnDash cloud.

LearnDash LMS FAQs

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